• Murray CVB

These 16 historic photos of Murray will make you want to travel back in time

1. The cutest small town scene ever

W.J. Pitman gives his dog a little treat on what appears to be a warm day. 2. Trade Day in its heyday

Trade Day took place the 4th Monday of each month. Livestock, produce and goods were traded on the court square. 3. A traveling show comes to Murray

"The circus came to town and ran up such a bill at the butcher they had to leave the bear as payment. After he ceased to amuse the populace, he made his final appearance as bear steaks." This is from the book Photographic Pot-pourri of Calloway County. Poor bear. 4. The Undertaker Shop

J.H. Churchill Funeral Home's second location was on Maple Street between 4th and 5th Streets. This photo was taken sometime in the 1890s.

5. On a trip to the drug store you might see this

Stubblefield Drug Store was located on Main Street on the court square. 6. Homes were built to last

This is the house where Kopperud Realty is located today on Main Street. It was built in 1909. 7. Thousands gather for the 4th of July Parade

We are not sure exactly what year this was taken, but this parade does predate the beginning of Freedom Fest. 8. The hardware store on the corner

A.B. Beale & Sons was located at 3rd and Main Streets downtown. 9. Just hanging out on the court square

The Wallis Drug Store building on Main Street is now home to Mugsy's Hideout and Wild Mountain Bakery. Looks just a little bit different, huh? 10. County Officials in 1922

Don't they know you're supposed to smile for the camera? 11. A good old-fashioned parade

This photo was taken on Main Street in the early 1960s. 12. Straight out of Mayberry

Standard Oil was located on the corner of 4th and Maple. The building is still there today, minus the awning. 13. Small town fun

We're not sure exactly what is happening in this photo, but we do know it was taken on 5th Street on the court square, looking north. 14. A trip to the movies looked like this

This was the view inside the Varsity Theater, located on Main Street just west of where BB&T is now. 15. This was the local theater

Here is the Varisty Theater from the outside. It burned in 1962. 16. There was a hotel downtown

"The New Murray Hotel." Check out that car!

To view even more historic Murray photos, visit www.murraymainstreet.org.