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13 signs you belong in #RacerNation

1. You know that going to The Bank has nothing to do with money.

(Photo: Tab Brockman) 2. Your wardrobe is 90% blue and gold.

(Photo: Murray State http://bit.ly/1PXk96H)

3. "House of Payne" and "Canaan ball" are phrases that make complete sense to you.

(Photo: Tab Brockman) 4. You tear up every time Racer Band performs the National Anthem.

5. Just hearing the names Belmont and Austin Peay make your blood boil.

(Photo: Kyser Lough)

6. Your favorite NBA teams are the Philadelphia 76ers and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

(Photo: Philadelphia 76ers http://bit.ly/20uoO4Q) 7. The OVC Tournament is your favorite holiday. You always take off of work/school to attend.

(Photo: Kyser Lough)

8. You always rep Racer Nation by wearing MSU gear when out of town, and wait impatiently for someone to comment on it.

(Photo: Murray State http://bit.ly/1K1iVVB)

9. You've had your heart broken more times than you care to remember by another team's last second shot.

(Photo: Steven Jurvetson http://bit.ly/1R7cSAe)

10. Be bold, wear gold is your personal motto.

(Photo: Murray State http://bit.ly/1VRFmx7)

11. You relive the glory days by talking up that NCAA tourney win over Vanderbilt to complete strangers.

(Photo: Kyser Lough)

12. You root for every Murray State team, from rifle to football to soccer.

(Photo: Deana Wright)

13. Even in the tough years, you wouldn't trade being a Murray State Racer fan for anything. You will always be Racer Proud.

(Photo: Tab Brockman)