• Murray CVB

Close up: Joan Capo

Joan Capo, Murray CVB board member 1. How long have you lived in Murray? I have lived in Murray for 54 years.

2. What's your favorite restaurant in Murray? What is your favorite dish there?

My favorite restaurant is The Keg and my favorite dish is the cajun shrimp with red beans and rice.

3. If you had $75 to spend in Murray, where would you spend it?

I would get a pedicure at LA Nails. Then I would go have a lunch with friends at Dumplins. I would top out the afternoon with a hot fudge sundae from Dairy Queen.

4. What's your favorite Murray memory?

Raising my children, watching them grow up in Murray, and graduate from high school and college in this town.

5. Describe Murray in three words to someone who has never been here.

Feels like home