• Catie Harris, guest blogger

Confessions of a Thrifty Shopper: 5 Ways To Make Thrift Shopping A Success

The thrill of finding a good deal isn't about the price tag...it's about the hunt. Shopping stories are usually drab, but when you walk into the room and

everyone notices your special new outfit (in a good way, not in a “why is she wearing that?” way)...pride in your purchase swells. You know your hunt and the few dollars you spent were worth it.

Murray, Kentucky, is prime hunting ground for those who love quality and a good deal. Whether you are looking for clothes, shoes, furniture or unique décor, there is a store especially for you. Now, for the thrill of the hunt, here are some tips to remember when beginning your thrift adventure in Murray.

1. Set your budget, grab the cash and vow not to dig out your debit card. If something goes over your budget then it's not a good buy and you'll only feel guilty about it later. So dig until you find what you really love, at the price you can really afford.

2. Use your creativity and stay true to your style.

You may find something out of style, whether it's clothing or artwork, but use your imagination. If it strikes your interest, then pairing it with something you already have could make something old look new and chic for a fraction of the cost. Peddler's Mall is a great place to visit as they have different booths featuring refurbished antiques, comic books, furniture and signature décor items. Plus, it is all usually at a very affordable price.

3. Layer it up! Don't have the money for a brand new wardrobe? Then look through your closet and pick out your basics, like a black or brown shirt or skirts, colored undershirts or dress pants. Now, when you thrift shop find signature pieces that will easily go with what you already have, taking your three-year-old black skirt and turning it into a brand new outfit. Tammy Stom, owner of The Closet Door Consignment, said consignment is a way to clothe your entire family within the budget you set. “Many times the clothes are brand new and you can get them up to 75% off,” she said.

4. Be part of a good cause! Don't know what you are looking for, but still feel the need to go shopping?

Then head to Angel's Attic. This is many college students’ go-to-spot.

The merchandise changes often and goes fast. You can buy furniture, clothes, placemats and even some DVDs there. If you keep an eye on their Facebook page, they'll post any big, quality items so you never miss a deal. The best part is the money you spend, whether it's for a new outfit or costume accessory, goes to fund Angel's Community Clinic. The clinic provides free basic medical care to the working uninsured of Calloway County.

5. Take a friend and have fun!

Thrifting is always more fun when you share it with others. You never know what amazing and random items you will find.

There are many great, reasonably priced retail stores throughout town. So pair new items with those you find while thrifting, to take your home or wardrobe from old to new again on a penny budget.

Catie Harris, guest blogger Catie loves to find a good deal, read and burst out randomly in song. She’s currently a content strategist for Innovations Branding House in Paducah, Kentucky, and media director at her local church.