• Murray CVB

Brace Yourself- Lake Season is Coming

Each year, the residents in the surrounding Purchase Area can hardly wait for the warm weather, long days and the smell of sunscreen because it can only mean one thing...lake season is here. We fantasize about lake season from the end of Labor Day weekend to the start of Memorial Day weekend by staring at old Instagram photos as if we lost the lake during the cold winter months. Thankfully, that wait is close to over!

Soon you will see boat trailers leaving town on Saturday mornings to get to the action as early as possible. Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake will be so busy Memorial Day weekend it will look like the start of a movie based in summertime. No matter your age, or cultural background there is something that is part of summertime on the lake you can find and connect with. Whether is is fishing, water skiing, boat rides, jumping from the top of the quarry rock, or simply listening to live music at your favorite marina, you are going to find something that makes lake season feel like the perfect season.

Summer blurs all lines of separation. The generational gaps and the

different cultural backgrounds all stay at home when on the lake. If there is a part of the lake that means the most to you, you will always find someone that shares that same love if they are 80, or three years old.

As you prep for the excitement, check out the schedule of events during this summer!

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