• Justin B. Kimbro

Can't Rain on Our Parade

Don't Blame It on the Rain

It wasn't Mother Nature's intention to try and ruin our Annual Fourth of July Celebration; she was simply reiterating how the residents of the Friendliest Small Town in America come proudly together to celebrate. Even in the midst of inclement weather, community members waited out the storm in support of Freedom Fest!

Some held strong, without protection of the rain, and stood proud and bold in the streets as the parade floats trickled down Main Street, while others congregated as a community of one under the awnings of local downtown businesses.

Thank you, Mother Nature, for reminding us of how amazing our small town truly is!

Justin B. Kimbro, guest blogger

Justin is a graphic artist and website developer as well as the co-owner of Helix Creative, LLC. Justin is born and raised in Murray, Kentucky. He is a photographer in his spare time and collected photos from the FNB Parade this year.