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A Racers Guide to Murray

Murray, Kentucky, is not your average college town. It's a small town that once you appreciate it for all the little things it offers, no other town can compare to spend your four, to five, ok...maybe six years of school. For any new Racer, finding those things that make Murray, Murray can be a little tricky. We decided to provide a list of some of the best ways students can spend their time in Murray, Kentucky, outside of campus.

1. Walk the Loop

Walking the Loop is a must do for all Murray State students. Not only does it give you an easy exercise, it's a nice introduction to the 2.2 surrounding miles of campus. Sure, it can get a little noisy walking along 12th St. during the 4:30-5:30 p.m. hour but on a nice night, it can't be beat.

2. Trip to DQ

(Photo by Instagram user @meganhendrix)

Murray has one of the last standing seasonal Dairy Queens. From March 1, to October 31 the line at all times of the day is from the counter to the curb. You will pass this mania while walking the Loop and since walking burns calories, might as well treat yourself with this Murray classic!

3. Visit Downtown

(Photo by Instagram user @laurensiers)

Murray's downtown has experienced so much revitalization in the past couple of years. Boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops and a couple of Pokestops allow for a variety of entertainment in easy walking distance of each other. You can spend an afternoon or evening exploring. We promise once you visit one time, you'll want to come back!

4. Bowling

(Photo by Justin B. Kimbro)

There is nothing better than a night out bowling with friends. Bowling is a classic activity bringing out the competitive side in friends. At Corvette Lanes, there is a glow bowl on Friday and Saturday nights from 9:00 p.m. to close that is the perfect night out activity for all college students. The atmosphere is fun and the kitchen is still open for snacking needs like milkshakes, pizzas, wings and beer if you are over 21. Plus, awesome throwback jams as the background music that provides the perfect motivation needed to get that strike!

5. Trivia Nights, Karaoke, Live Music or Happy Hour

(Photo by Morgan Bordy)

At the restaurants/bars around town, you can find one of these activities at least three nights a week. Mr. J's host their trivia night on Monday and is a weekly ritual for some groups. Make sure to have an awesome team name picked out and it really doesn't matter how much trivia you know.

Karaoke and most of the live music usually begins after 9:00 p.m. at the bars, leaving this activity to those over 21. If you have not sung your heart out to "I've Got Friend's in Low Places" with the entire room, you've probably not experienced Murray to its fullest extent.

Again, if you are over 21, you should check out some of the different happy hours around town. Not only do they have deals, usually there is a specialty drink to help wind down after a crazy day of studying.

(For a full listing of bars and their events, click here)

6. Enjoy LBL

Land Between the Lakes offers so many outdoor activities. You can hike, fish, swim or even check out the Elk and Bison Prairie. With LBL only 15 minutes out of town, you really should go and explore. Check with the Murray State Wellness Center because they also rent kayaks and canoes to students with their student I.D. for a cheap price! They will even help you get them attached to your vehicle. What more of an excuse do you need?

Murray State University is located in the Friendliest Small Town in America. The town loves having the students here every year, so don't miss all the exciting things that are right in your backyard as a student. For more about places to eat, and happening's around town, visit www.tourmurray.com