• Murray CVB

Close-up: Deana Wright

Deana Wright, Director of Murray Main Street and Citizen of the Year 2016

1. How long have you lived in Murray?

18 years

2. What’s your favorite restaurant in Murray? What is your favorite dish there?

Mugsy’s Hideout on the court square. I love their cheeseburger!

3. If you had $75 to spend in Murray, where would you spend it?

Go to the Farmer’s Market, make my way around the court square shopping at some of my favorite stores. Maybe a coffee at 5th and Main, grab a cinnamon roll at Wild Mountain and stop by Shane Lee’s. I’d make a morning of being on the court square. That sounds like a really great day.

4. What’s your favorite Murray memory?

Becoming Citizen of the Year. Knowing that my community supports me and my efforts downtown means so much to me.

5. Describe Murray in three words to someone who has never been there.

Friendly, homey and simple