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Murray's Guide to Treating Your Valentine

Last year, we talked about the 5 Top Spots for Valentine's Day dinners. We know that it is important to celebrate your crush, your long-time partner or even yourself during the Valentine season...so we are going to give you a list of things to do to treat your Valentine this year.

Spa Day

(Photo from Essential Day Spa)

Everyone loves to be pampered once in awhile. Surprise your honey with a relaxing trip to the spa. Essential Day Spa can provide facials, mani/pedi's and a massage. You can also contact The Retreat to get your special someone a massage. Contact them soon to get your Valentine on the schedule. The best part, when the recipient loves the experience, you have an idea for any holiday to come!

Chocolate Treats

Poppy's Chocolate Shop is new to Murray and we are glad to have them! Featured here, are their chocolate-covered strawberries. Warning: after eating one, you will become addicted. In addition to their chocolates, they have homemade fudge and delicious Honduran coffee. You are sure to satisfy your sweet with these sweets!


Enix Jewelers is one place you can stop to dazzle your partner this season with. Rings, necklaces, watches and more. No one could be disappointed with a piece of quality jewelry picked out with them in mind. The only thing that could go wrong with a gift like this, is figuring out how to top it the next year!

(Photo by Enix Jewelers)

Basketball game

(Photo by David Land)

For the sports lover, take them to a Racer basketball game. Between the women and mens teams, there is plenty opportunity to surprise them with tickets to a great game. "The Bank" is an electric atmosphere for any fan, and there is no one better to cheer for in the OVC than Murray State University. Be on the lookout for the Kiss Cam coming your way!

Dinner Theatre

(Photo by Playhouse in the Park)

Branch out of your typical date night and try a dinner theatre. Lucky for you, Playhouse in the Park perfectly timed this show with Valentine's Day weekend. What makes this date really convenient? You get food and entertainment all-in-one! Your date is sure to have a great time and will remember this experience for years to come.


If a musical is not your style, you can never go wrong with the classic dinner and a movie. With the Cheri showing so many different titles, you can find something to impress your partner. Make sure to have enough money with you to treat your date with their favorite movie snack. The large popcorn comes with free refills so everyone can get their fill!


Competition is a great way to have a flirty night out. Whether you are playing your partner, or hanging out with a ton of other single friends, the competition, will be high! Corvette Lanes offers bowling and arcade games to dominate throughout a night out. You will definitely go back for more!

(Photo by Justin B. Kimbro)

Coffee date

(Photo by Murray Main Street)

You can really get to know someone over a cup of coffee. Not only is a coffee date cheap, it is also less intimidating if you are just starting to date around Valentine's Day. 5th and Main Coffees will be a great place to sit down, sip some delicious brew and talk while munching on some baked goods. Plus, if the date goes well, you can know their coffee order to surprise them with a cup in the future!


Flowers are something every lady secretly, or not-so-secretly wants on Valentine's Day. The sentiment fits so perfectly with the holiday that if you don't know what else to get, this is the safest option. Murray is full of amazing florists. Murray's Florist just opened on the court square and worth a look! Wilson's Florist, Flowers by Whitney, Festive Touch and Cherry Tree Florists are a few more options to consider.

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