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13 Snapchats You Have Sent/Received As a Murray State Racer

As a Murray State Racer, there are just some quintessential pieces to the town you have to participate in and most certainly document! We are sharing the things we know every Murray State student has Snapchatted throughout their time on campus.

The Planner- To show how insanely busy and involved you are.

5-Points- You are either sitting in line forever, or the stars align to travel through in a timely manner. There is absolutely no in between.

TRoom- The most hopping place during lunch hours on campus. Unless you are one of those people with a weird class schedule and you get the whole place to yourself.

The Loop- On a beautiful day, you can guarantee a snap like this will show up in somebody's story...most likely your own!

Pony Express- Once you find it, you have to document it.

Library- Everyone can relate. You know you have sent and received approximately 40 snaps from different friends, all with a similar description.

Benching- The number one pastime of all Murray students.

Jasmine- Who knew some of the best Thai food could be found in Murray? Now you showcase its deliciousness over Snapchat just to make your followers salivate.

Wellness Center- Whether it is a procrastinator, or a member of the #FitFam, you have had a snap come through on your story like this at least once.

Burrito Shack- The proximity to campus and the scrumptious food makes this place incredibly snap worthy.

The Quad- Puppies, hammocks, the Shoe Tree and blooming flowers makes the Quad a perfect place to hang. When given the chance, you must document it to make all your friends stuck in class jealous.

Dairy Queen- A Murray community staple, the line is neverending regardless of the time of day or the weather. From March 1-October 31, you can count on a snap like this being sent!

Mr. J's- J's on Thursday is the place to be. Snapchat will be full on Friday mornings with evidence of fellow students having a good time the night before!

Snapchat provides literal snapshots of the life of a Murray student. If you haven't sent or received Snapchats from these locations, we encourage you to go out and experience each one! To see more of the take on a locals time in Murray, Kentucky. follow us on Snapchat. Username: MurrayKentucky