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Close-Up: Tim Stark

Tim Stark works for The Murray Bank as their Marketing Coordinator. As an avid Racer fan and father of two, he is ready for the schools to be back in session in Murray! Tim is very involved in the community and the perfect candidate for the latest installment of our close-up.

1. How long have you lived in Murray?

I have lived in Murray since January 23, 1980, the day I was born.

2. What is your favorite restaurant in Murray?

It would be Bad Matt Burrito Bob’s B Shack.***

3. If you had $75 to spend in Murray, how would you spend it?

I would hire a babysitter and take my wife out for Shogun and a movie.

4. What is your favorite Murray memory?

Having lived here for 37 years, there are a lot of memories that I could share. But one of my favorite memories, while it was for sure a difficult time, was during the ice storm of 2009. Getting to spend a few days of uninterrupted time with my family with no cellphones, no TV, cooking meals over an open fire, and just hanging out was a memory I’ll never forget.

5. Describe Murray in three words to someone who has never been there?

My hometown forever.

***For non-locals, this is a mixture of Bad Bob's, Matt B's and Burrito Shack