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National Craft Month- Being Interwoven

"A community is interwoven. Inextricably connected." -Murray Art Guild

March is National Craft Month. To celebrate, the Murray Convention and Visitors Bureau wants to highlight a beautiful community craft project that has been going on throughout 2018. We are pleased to have the Interwoven Community Project as the last art display in the Robert O. Miller Conference Center before the Murray CVB moves to their new location.

The Murray Art Guild has been working together and inviting community members to contribute woven circles. Each piece is a representation of the individual, and once joined together with the others, showcases the beauty of the community as a whole. The Interwoven Project has been an idea in the mind of Murray Art Guild Executive Director, Debi Danielson for years. She just needed the perfect time to do it.

It began with group workshops and quickly became a phenomenon throughout town. Once people grasped the rhythm of, "over, under, over, under" they could really express themselves on these woven circles with incredible fabrics and delicate pieces such as beads.

This project grew beyond the wildest dreams Murray Art Guild. More than 750 pieces were placed in the full display at the Robert O. Miller Conference Center. The response being so huge, we are not ready for it to be over! Come visit the Robert O. Miller Conference Center the entire month of March at the 201 S. 4th St., Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. to view the display, or make your own piece to be added.

"She is a grandmother, he is a father, he is a banker, he's a student, she's an artist, she's a teacher, she's 5, he's brown, she loves women, she lives in a group home, he sails, her husband died, he's a sister, they live in Dallas, she lives in West Virginia, she knits everyday, he's divorced, she goes to church, she's 100, he volunteers, she's white, he's disabled, she drives a van, he walks, she can stand on her head, she misses her family, she's a mother, he lives alone, she's retired, she worries about her son, she never had children, she loves the theater, he loves to write..." -Murray Art Guild about their Interwoven participants.