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Close-Up: Debi Danielson

Executive Director of the Murray Art Guild, Debi Danielson, is an active member of the Murray community in more ways than one. Through encouraging creativity and enhancing the art within Murray, while also teaching yoga at B U Yoga; we are happy to announce Debi as our latest addition to our Close-up family.

1. How long have you lived in Murray?

In and out for 56 years

2. What is your favorite restaurant in Murray?

I have several favorites as I love visiting locally owned establishments: Big Apple Cafe remains a favorite, I love Willow Bistro and Garden Gate, and there are days when Hih Burger is the answer!

3. If you had $75 to spend in Murray, how would you spend it?

Easy, Farmer's Market on Saturday morning...fresh and close to home produce, delicious baked goods and most likely something hand crafted!

4. What's your favorite Murray memory?

Technically it would be outside of Murray, but it is one of those things that is a childhood memory with family, teenage memory with friends and adult experience: riding country roads, windows down, grassy scent of summer or the smell of tobacco barns in the fall.

5. Describe Murray in three words to someone who has never visited.

Rural. Home. Town.