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Fulfill your Get Fit New Year's Resolutions in Murray

It's a new year with fresh goals, perspectives, and attitudes! New Year's resolutions can be intimidating to begin and continue throughout the course of the year. No matter the situation, Murray has plenty of options that are friendly to all resolutions.

Meal Prep through FitMeals Murray

Worry less about what to cook, and more about achieving those goals! FitMeals Murray does the prep work of planning, cooking, portioning and even delivering meals right to your front door. Each meal features farm-fresh and local ingredients favoring the current diet trends.

(Photo by FitMeals Murray Facebook)

De-stress with BU Yoga

Quiet your mind and find your Zen at local yoga studio, BU Yoga! The stress of the holidays is over, and recovery time for the body is crucial. BU Yoga offers classes from sculpt to gentle flow, with beginner to expert levels. MSU student packages are also available.

(Photo by BU Yoga Facebook)

Join a Local Gym

(Photo by Relentless Strength & Fitness 24/7 Facebook)

Become a member at a local gym and have access to top-of-the-line equipment to whip your body back into shape! The local gyms in Murray include friendly and motivating staff, non-judgmental atmospheres, and equipment options to change-up varied workouts. Relentless Strength and Fitness gym and the Center for Health and Wellness in the Murray Calloway County Hospital are great facilities to conquer your "get fit" goals.

Get outside!

Eggners Ferry Bridge Trail

In Murray, we are surrounded with recreation opportunities encouraging us to get outside and be active! One of those in particular is the Eggners Ferry Bridge Trail. Located on the route US 68/ KY 80, the bridge trail crosses Kentucky Lake and spans about 1.5 miles long.

The Arboretum

Back in town and located right off Main Street, the Arboretum has a beautiful 0.8 mile-long track welcoming runners, wanderers, and dog walkers; plus, a butterfly themed play pocket for kids! The track features student-maintained plant life along with a pavilion overlooking a pond that mimics a sanctuary-like escape. Insider tip: this is the best place in Murray to watch the sunset! The Arboretum is open from dawn until dusk each day.

Walking the "Loop"

The "loop" is what many locals refer to as the two-mile long track that circles Murray State University campus and goes along the very popular 12th Street. When the weather is nice, the loop is enjoyed by many so you are sure to see a friend or two along the way!

Mental Health Day

(Photo by The Retreat Facebook)

Mental health is just as important as physical health. So, treat and pamper yourself to a day at the spa with options from Essential Day Spa and The Retreat. Both locations offer the spa treatment that is necessary to get your mental health back in shape!

Bike with Gear Up Cycles

Grab your bikes and "gear up" (pun intended), for a bike ride with locals! Every Saturday morning, the staff welcomes all to grab their bikes and join in on the Weekend Group Road Ride trailing through town and into the county. This is a great way to hang out with Murray locals, but to also see the outskirts of our small town.