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How to Wake Up in Murray: Breakfast Style

Finding breakfast that is worth waking up for can be a drag. Don't worry, Murray has got you covered. Not meaning to brag, but we have our breakfast game down pat *insert flexing emoji here.* In case you missed it on our Instastories, we dedicated a week to eating at each of our breakfast spots that are beloved by locals. Continue reading for a breakdown of each location!

Burrito Shack

Not your first thought for breakfast, but trust us. The Burrito Shack in Murray has hopped on the breakfast train, and they know what they are doing. Who wouldn't love a breakfast burrito with sausage, potatoes, cheese and eggs slathered with a bit of their famous pineapple salsa? Our mouths are watering just thinking about it.

Rudy's on the Square

An icon in Murray for over 80 years, Rudy's lies in the heart of Downtown Murray. Originally opened in the 1930s, Rudy's consistently provides hot and delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner for its patrons. We enjoyed a platter of biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon, and a wonderful egg and cheese biscuit. Don't let us forget to mention their Coke. We can't tell you the methods behind why this Coke is the best in town, but we aren't shy to share our emotions about it. Also, the pie... needless to say this place hits the breakfast jackpot!

Sammon's Bakery

The local watering hole before the sun rises in Murray. Sammon's Bakery is the place to get donuts, cookies, pastries, and the "World's Best Hamburger" on a homemade bun. Let's not forget the famous barnyards! Located just off Chestnut St., this locally owned and operated bakery meets a high demand. Locals wake up early to snag a morning treat just before they run out of their favorite baked goods. While there, we enjoyed the breakfast sandwiches that can cure even the worst morning person. If you visit, don't forget your cash!


Specializing in a southern-style breakfast, Hih-Burger lies south of downtown and is a favorite amongst many locals. The service is friendly, and the biscuits and gravy are the BEST in town! The spread on our table featured biscuits and gravy, pancakes, plenty of bacon, and eggs cooked perfectly. A delicious experience, for sure!

Hungry Bear

Don't let the facade fool you, this pancake and barbeque house has plated options to satisfy even the pickiest of pallets! Hungry Bear serves pancakes, omelets, and junior breakfast plates. Omelets and the biscuit and gravy options spoke our language. Fun fact: the Murray State Men's Basketball team eats here for team bonding time! Don't forget your cash here as well.

*For a complete list of restaurants in Murray, visit our website!