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Breakdown of the Calloway County Barn Quilt Trail

The locals in Murray and Calloway County worked for years to find an artistic outlet to tell family histories. Insert: the Calloway County Barn Quilt Trail. The trail has grown in popularity over the years and is now a common attraction in Murray. Visitors travel for miles to drive the trails and experience the beautiful countryside in Western Kentucky. Below, we breakdown the trail with a few of our favorite barn quilts that are a must-see!

East Trail

The East Trail runs through the heart of our town, extending off 12th street and making its way into Downtown Murray.

Miller Courthouse Annex – Coming Home

The Murray Convention and Visitors Bureau knew this pattern was a perfect fit for them, as it coincides with their tagline "feels like home."

Central Park – Tree of Life

The Tree of Life pattern found its home on this barn located in Central Park.

Adams – Sunflower

Located on the back of the property, this beautiful pattern commemorates a beloved member of the family.

Northwest Trail

The Northwest Trail features quilts all along State Route 121, passing the

Murray-Calloway County Fairgrounds, and more scattered throughout homes and farmlands in the north end of the county.

Ross – Dahlia Basket

An original quilt square that was created before the quilt trail existed.

Fairgrounds – Corn & Beans

The colors of this quilt square represent the crops that are locally grown in Calloway County.

Norsworthy – Northwoods

This quilt square specifically compliments the wooded area surrounding a farm that has been in the family for 124 years.

Southwest Trail

The Southwest Trail is the shortest trail in our guide, but features special stories behind the design and history of the quilt squares.

Butterworth – Patriotic

This barn was originally a tobacco barn that unfortunately burned down. Luckily, both the barn and quilt square have been replaced, and are now featured on the front of our quilt trail guide.

Jackson – Ohio Star

The Ohio Star design found its home on this farm that was recognized in 1992 as a Kentucky Bicentennial Farm by the Kentucky Heritage Council.

Keel – Tobacco Leaf

This quilt pattern is displayed on a tobacco barn that is over 100 years old with rich family history.

These are just a few out of 60+ barn quilt squares that are featured in our guide. Find the complete Calloway County Barn Quilt Trail guide at our office at 206 S 4th St. in Downtown Murray!