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Close-Up: Warren Hopkins

Attorney at Law by day, Murray State Racer supporter by night; Warren Hopkins is a true native to Murray, KY with a giving heart for our community.

We introduce him as our latest close-up as he answers our interview questions!

1. How long have you lived in Murray?

I've lived in Murray all my life. I was born and raised in Calloway County, and I moved to Northern Kentucky for law school in 1979. I moved back in 1987 and have never left!

2. What is your favorite restaurant in Murray?

Now this is a dangerous question, I like them all! We have amazing restaurants here. For Mexican - Los Portales, for steak - The Alley Steakhouse, for Asian - Jasmine Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar, for barbecue - Bad Bobs, for seafood - The Keg, for a peaceful setting - Willow Bistro.

3. If you had $75 to spend in Murray, how would you spend it?

My wife would say I go to Lowes, but I would probably go and spend it all at the farmers market on Saturday mornings. I always shop local first.

4. What is your favorite Murray memory?

Growing up, my buddies and I would always spend our Friday and Saturday nights cruising around Murray. We'd start by circling the DQ, maybe stop and get a cone, then we'd head to 12th St., make our way down to Jerry's Restaurant (which is no longer there, but Thoroughbred Spirits sits on that lot),then we would hit the downtown and hangout for an hour or so, and then we'd always end up back at DQ. Sometimes, we would do the rotation all over again. Cruising Murray was the big deal when I was growing up.

5. Describe Murray in three words to someone who has never visited.

Good, livable community.